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Dovo Shaving Set #553056

Dovo Shaving Set #553056

Merkur Dovo
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The Dovo Shaving Set #553056 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get an incredibly close shave. Its German carbon steel blade is durable, razor sharp, and easy to use, and its ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and provide superior control. With its superior quality, this shaving set is sure to last.

  • DOVO Full Hollow-ground Straight Razor sealed packing
  • Marvy Classic Shaving Soap for lather foaming
  • Haryali brand Leather Double Strop in protective pack
  • 6000 Grit Japanese Water Stone for Straight Razor honing
  • Strop conditioning Paste, Badger Hair Shaving & Steel Bowl

Barcode : 4045284025895