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Myrrhacle Platinum Acne Cream

Myrrhacle Platinum Acne Cream

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  • Myrrhacle Platinum Acne Cream
  • This Acne cream active purifies skin and provides extreme anti-oxidant benefits
  • Made with Frankincense & Myrrh Essential Oils

Part Number: SC000

Details: Actives purify skin and provide extreme antioxidant benefits. Turmeric reduces inflammation, gotu kola stimulates cell renewal, licorice lightens discoloration, and sage, goldenseal, propolis, sandalwood, and melissa all kill bacteria while soothing the skin and renewing damaged or irritated tissue. Jojoba oil, which rates zero on the comedogenic scale, moisturizes without clogging pores since it is a liquid wax not a true oil. A high end treatment for the most sensitive of skin. Directions for Use: Apply all over face, neck and decolette. Can be used morning and night. Apply after washing, toning and then a serum. Can be used under makeup.

EAN: 0853520007000