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[USED] NHL 2003

[USED] NHL 2003

Electronic Arts
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Brand: Electronic Arts

Edition: Standard

Condition: USED


  • In order to become a superstar in the NHL, you'll need a combination of speed, power, and moves. NHL 2003 gives you the abilities of all the stars and teams of pro hockey, but it's up to you to master them. This time, you have full control of the puck with Dynamic Deke Control and accurate puck physics. The game also features four game modes, including Create-a-Player, enhanced sounds and animations, and dynamic camera work to bring you closer to the NHL action.

Binding: Video Game

Release Date: 08-10-2002

Details: Product Description Lace up for the definitive hockey experience, NHL 2003, and pull off 90 miles per hour slap shots and awesome moves with Dynamic Deke Control. Fun and easy user-activated dekes let you trigger 1 of 8 different moves with the touch of a button. And when you get really good, take complete control over the stick and puck and create your own dekes to blast past the opposition. Show off your superior skills and earn a Game Breaker to enter a zone where surroundings move in slow motion, intensity increases and you feel your heart pounding as you blast free for a goal. This is a detailed hockey sim with a number of detailed control features. User-activated dekes give you full control of the puck, for example, and when you build enough momentum, the action slows in key moments. A new graphics and animation engine means NHL action comes to life as never before. There are also new puck physics and goalie AI, so the players and puck respond more accurately to your actions. There are four game modes, a Create-a-Player feature, real on-ice sounds, and dynamic camera work. Review Being huge hockey fans, we were excited about playing the latest in the long line of EA's NHL series--but we must admit to being a little disappointed with this latest offering, as NHL 2003 in all truth is NHL 2002 plus a few shiny bits. The new features for 2003 are an improved franchise mode which has more of the hardcore managerial events to deal with, such as annual drafts, player waivers, more injuries and suspensions, and more Easter eggs and celebrations to unlock with the NHL cards rewards system. One major gameplay change has been added: the Gamebreaker is simply a power bar which slowly energizes as you play, and once it's full a quick button press will allow you to pull off some pretty funky moves. Also improved are the in-game physics--the puck now rebounds off defenders and sticks with more realism. Our main criticisms (and perhaps this is nitpicking) is that the overly comic commentators have really dumbed the game down, and that there are too many Matrix-style slow-motion effects. NHL 2003 plays fantastically and is one of the finest sports games to grace TV screens anywhere; the presentation is top-notch and most of the stats are up-to-date (although yet again many of the minor international squads still have imaginary players). But the new tweaks aren't really enough to justify shelling out full price if you already own last year's version--a lesson we hoped EA had learnt after finally getting FIFA right this time. If you're an NHL completist or a hockey fan, or have never played NHL before, then we recommend this game over any other. If you've already got NHL 2002 then you can do without this version's new features. --Laurent S. Hall --

EAN: 0014633145458

Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches