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Divine Weapons By Warda Z - Fantasy Novel

Divine Weapons By Warda Z - Fantasy Novel

Divine Weapons
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"Trust and you shall be rewarded. Deny my power and you shall crumble..."

In a world where children with supernatural powers are kidnapped, trained, and sold as 'Weapons', exist two of the most powerful warriors known to history - the Sceretone Brothers. Under their military leadership, the superpower Azara effortlessly destroys the unrecognized kingdom of Zintel.

But the war they believed to have won was only beginning. When a deal with the devil is made, Zintel acquires its own Weapon; a rejected model sharpened by the darkest of flames. With this new weapon by its side, Zintel finds itself in the twisted story of greed and revenge, re-written by the Thirteenth Weapon of Azara.



Number of Pages: 800 (approx.)
UPC: 710500975998


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