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Merkur Chrome Plated Silvertip Badger Brush 90138001 ,UPC: 4045284012482

Merkur Chrome Plated Silvertip Badger Brush 90138001 ,UPC: 4045284012482

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The Merkur 90138001 is a silvertip badger brush with a chrome-plated metal handle that's the perfect mate of the popular #38, #39 and #12 "Barber Pole" double-edge safety razors. Ergonomically designed and cast in lightweight and durable aluminum then finished with a slip resistant chrome surface, this brush is as pleasing to look at as it is to use.

Overall Brush Height: 105mm Handle Height: 55mm Knot Diameter: 22mm

Entirely chrome finished, the Brush possesses a barber pole design that not only evokes shaving history but also allows the brush to stay in the hand easier as a result. Such an effect allows the brush to perfectly complement Merkur?s own barber pole 38C Double Edge Safety Razor, with both wonderfully achieving that mixture of traditional and modern shaving techniques. Made with the highest quality Silvertip badger hair, each brush is hand-packed so you can be sure you will get the most hair for your money. Softer than any other variety, Silvertip is a truly luxurious option and selected by Merkur as the hair of choice to accompany their elite range of shaving brushes.


GTIN 4045284012482
MPN 90138001
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